Saturday, 29 October 2011

STORY INFO: General Story Update

I've decided to give you people a general story update. At the moment college work has really been bad, as in I can hardly keep up with it all. I really should start to work harder in class then I wouldn't be so behind.
But on a good note...

Nothing Ever Seems Quite Right: Is coming along all right, as this is my main story at the moment as it's based on my life. SO I spend just a little more time on this story to keep it up to date.

Captain America: Losing Control: Hasn't changed I'm afraid, I tried working on it more recently but the words just didn't seem to fit together as well as I hoped.

Seduced: Though I do like the beginning to this story and see great potential, I wont be posting the first chapter until I'm completely happy with it. But, I do believe you'll enjoy this story due to the great ideas I have for it and just the pure thrill of the first paragraph.

This Smile Changes My World: I love this story and truly want to work on it all the time, but I honestly am at a dead end with it for the moment, though I do have many chapters to come I just need to focus on something else for the moment.

Fighting For Love and Lust: This isn't a very popular story, and this is one of the reasons why I'm taking a break from it. As this story is a converted from another story I wrote it's going to take some while writing so it'll be one of the last ones I update. Don't worry though should be able to get on track soon enough.

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