Thursday, 12 February 2015

Trying Again

I have been working on another blog recently and I have finally got in to a place where I am comfortable to do it again, and don't feel completely pressured into doing it. I have been focusing mainly on that blog, and journalling again, which is a refreshing turn of events. However, this blog has been catching my eye more often than not, which is probably why I am working on this post now. I just want to get back into writing, bringing my stories back to life and what better way to do that, than to start blogging and planning again?

I know it's going to take a lot of time, and I have to be patient, but I want to do this and it's that determination that is keeping me going at the moment. I would love to get back on Wattpad as well, but I'm thinking one step at a time. I want to share my writing, but before I do that I have to write it. Which, couldn't be more obvious but at the same time it's true. I have to start again, and really commit. Whereas, before I honestly didn't commit.

I shall show you my other blog as well, I'll make sure to leave a link at the bottom of this blog post, I would also like to know. Do you any of you ever suffer from a strong sense of writer's block? Because it has definitely been an incredibly difficult thing to get over, it's like the blockage in my brain wouldn't shift, not even for a second. I haven't even been able to commit to reading, but I think a little of that has something to do with my depression, which I usually can handle pretty well. But as of lately, it's been controlling my life - more so than I care to admit to. I would love to see if any of you have to tackle depression as well. Do you have any advice?

I always reading articles and blog posts, searching for some answers.  I am taking anti-depressants as well but I'm still in the early stages of it and have a long way to go before it'll be making much different. Although, I must be having some good effects from it, as I am writing again. It's not the main type of writing I want to be doing, but however it is a start. Which I can only hope will develop into more.

I'll be doing my best to update this blog more, though I can't promise it'll be extremely regular as I haven't much content to offer for the moment. But as I get more and more into writing, I shall slowly start sharing ideas and artwork with you and also just showing you my process of writing. And anything else I have to offer.

I am so glad to be back, what do we think of the new image as well?

Do we like?

See you soon,