Saturday, 11 May 2013

STORY INFO: Harley Harper

I can quite honestly say that I have not been a dedicated writer nor blogger for a while but I promise you that is going to change, I am aiming upwards. I want to try and organise myself better and even find more time for things in life that I enjoy, like walk etc.

I have also been working on a new story, in fact. It's been doing quite well on Wattpad, which is making me more happier by the day. That would be Harley Harper it's the first in a short series of books dedicated to Harley Harper, who is a young student studying at the art college called Plymouth College of Art (It is a real place) and whilst she's awaiting a brief lecture she finds out this lecture is more important than it first seems. This is when she finds out she has the chance of winning a career with Evan and Scott who has created their own company.

It's currently on Wattpad awaiting the moment to be read, it's only on Chapter 09 but everything has to start somewhere, I have a couple dedicated readers and even dedicated voters who are enjoying it so much, I am still awaiting the moment it hits the high light and suddenly everyone wants to read it. You never know I maybe lucky and that may happen.

Also here is a peak at the cover as seen as you haven't seen in before. 

I have been through a few covers, but at the moment I am happiest with this one. I don't know how long that is going to last mine you.

I have also been updating covers on my other stories, although I shall update you on those much later on as I want to give you a thoroughly blog post about each one.

But on another note, here is the link to the Harley Harper story, if you want to read it then there it is, if you join the website then you can vote, fan and comment as well to show you your support.

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