Sunday, 2 August 2015

REVIEW - 5:48 (by Chloe Cheng)

This book has been on my mind pretty much since the day I've picked it, it's been tucked away in my mind pretty much every second, of every minute of every day. I cannot get enough of Chloe Cheng's writing. This story has been been the beginning, it's opened my eyes up wider than I thought imaginable, she's really opened my eyes up to my own depression and exactly how it affects me. And even to the extent of how I affect others, which even though you think about you don't actually realise is quite damaging. It's definitely not a story for the weak hearted, or weak minded.

I definitely feel like you need a back bone, to be able to get through the emotional journey that this story will take you on. And don't be afraid to open up, there is so much more out there.

Without a doubt this has to be one of my favourite books of the moment, I would highly recommend it to any person who wants a decent read. It's incredible, and it does really open your eyes to an entire new way of life. Which for some people could be really useful, as they don't really see the behind the scenes of some people's anxieties or depression. Or any form of mental health, it would be empowering for people to read it for that very reason.

I would have to rate this story a solid - 5 / 5

If you would like to read this story, I would recommend you visit her story on the Wattpad website. This is the link right here: 

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