Tuesday, 4 October 2011

STORY INFO: Nothing Ever Seems Quite Right

This is my main story at the moment as it's based on my life at this current moment. I've been doing my best to get everything out as quickly as possible, yet for some reason people just aren't rating it or commenting on it. So I have no idea if I'm doing any good or not. 

I hope you enjoy the story and really see the potential that I see in this story, my life used to be a lot more dramatic then but I barely remember the details, but near the end of this story or perhaps in the sequel I shall really open you up to the hurt person inside of me.

There are a lot of things in this story that you don't know yet. I believe once people start reading the truth the may understand my reasons in the story a bit more.

I've almost finished the next chapter and I hope you all enjoy it, there are so many more chapters to come. I can promise some are far more exciting then others.

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