Monday, 17 November 2014

I Am A Girl Obsessed

I am completely obsessed.

I feel like books are my life at the moment, I can't get enough of reading, or finding more books to buy and just listening to books. 

I've downloaded a few apps that I basically spend all of my time on, I just love each one. 

The first one, of course had to be: 


This app is just brilliant. I scanned in every book I own and now I can actually keep an eye on which ones I've read and which ones I haven't. 

I've decided to start again with reading my books, I've managed to work my way through two so far. 

Which is: The girl with all the gifts and then of course On Dublin street. 

Both of these books are incredible and highly recommend both, I'm currently reading Panic which from what I've read so far, is extremely good. 

Which actually leads me on to my next app, Audible. This app is amazing, I've signed up for the 30 day trial for the moment and I've downloaded Fifty shades of grey which I've been meaning to read again for a while.

This app makes it easier for me to work through two books at the same time. I can listen to one on my travels to work and what not, and the other one I can read in my spare time at home. 

As you can see as well I've downloaded some free samples, which is always good to see if I like the stories, then maybe I'll download them. 

The other apps that I've only recently downloaded are: iBooks and of course, Kindle.

This way I can get even more of a variety of books to download and read on the go, they look like this. 

I'm already gathering a collection of books to read in the near future. I honestly cannot wait. 

I'll keep you guys posted.