Monday, 27 May 2013

STORY INFO: Harley Harper - Chapter Update

It feels amazing to say that I have after 16-17 days updated Harley Harper it's definitely taken me far too long, but now it's done and dusted and I have nothing to worry about for a little while. I have managed to make this chapter a lot longer than I first thought it would be, it's basically been writing itself which I can honestly say feels amazing.

I am already at work on Chapter 11 and I'm rather excited about this, I believe that this story is going to be the one story I will actually be able to complete with some success, it's hard to believe but I am staying hopeful. Everyone has that one story that can write without ever having to doubt the storyline, the characters or any other aspects of the story. The only worry I actually have about the story is the cover, that is the only part that's not befitting, but that isn't a worry of mine just yet.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter and I really hope you enjoy the entire story as well, it's hard to believe that this all started off as a whim. Who knew? Either way, if you want the link, here it is.

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