Wednesday, 5 March 2014

New Blog

Hello everyone,

Okay recently I tried to quit my course at Plymouth University, but I've had some trouble trying. Apparently it's not that easy any more, as I want to attend another course at the University I have to complete at least my first year before doing so. So, I've had a lovely long talk (an hour and half, long talk) with the course leader and he's persuaded me to stay on the course, but barely.

It was a very emotional talk and has caused me to reflect on myself as a person, as well as my work. I have now got to complete the last 8 weeks of work to complete the first year, it shouldn't be too bad. Although the year is already part way through a project which I will have to catch up on. So what I'm going to do is, stop.

And just start again.

It's going to be so difficult, but I have to stay positive. I'm going to be making myself a new blog to be able to keep my frustrations in check, and I'm going to be attending University every single day of the week. This is going to be extremely stressful but I'm going to have to push it aside.

So let's get to business.

I'm going to be making another blog today, just something simple to post on, to vent any frustrations. Once I've done all the work I need to, then I shall be looking into decorating the blog and turning it into something a little more snazzy, so to speak.

Until then, I shall try and update you on this blog about my writing, and I shall also be updating you on my weight watching blog as well. Although I have to go back to University it doesn't mean that I have to stop going gym.

Chat to you soon.