Friday, 11 November 2011

STORY INFO: Seduced Book Cover

 Here they are, the four covers that I need to choose from. I do prefer number 2 but I would like your feedback and to see what you all think. They are in order, the top one is number 1 and counting down to number 4. These are quite nice cover's I must admit, but I'm not sure which one takes me breath away the most.
Let me people and then I'll beginning working on whatever story you want me to, just let me know and I will be posting a new chapter to that story soon!

Here are my descriptions of the covers.

1. It's based mainly around Jane's character, she's quite mysterious with a bit of a twist, I want you to see her at her sexiest. She's finally been 'Seduced' and this is how she is. I wasn't sure about this one though. And the picture doesn't fit with the text, which is a shame as the text is quite sexy in it's own way.

2. This one is my favourite, I think it's because it's secretive but also kind of dangerous. You know she means business just my her heals alone, but with her long legs out you get drawn to them first. That's how I made the text look, very in your face and demanding, just like Jane's character.

3. This one is more Burlesque styled, as you can see with the text. It's loud but with a subtle style, the way Jane starts out as. She's quite plain to begin with but with a nudge here and there she finally begins to stand out from the crowd and have control over her life.

4. The way Jane's character looks in this cover is beautiful, she comes across as innocent but with the right attitude you know she can become 'Seduced'. This was the main feature that drew me into this image. The text I wanted to be loosely based around the Jane in the picture. She's subtle but demanding.

Let me know what you think, thank you everyone!

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