Sunday, 23 February 2014

STORY INFO: Dreams Of The Descendant

It's become an obsession.

Dreams Of The Descendant is officially my obsession, it's the only story I can ever think about it's just beyond mind blowing. I actually can't wait to finish the first book, so I can start on the sequel's. They are going to be intense, plus I can't wait to get it out of my head and onto a page.

I have been completely obsessed about my main characters as well, they've been developing far more than I genuinely thought they would. It's going to be interesting to see how they develop further into the story.

I've also been working on my covers for the story, yet still can't seem to settle on an imagine. I definitely think it needs more work, but I've still to decide how.

Here is the current cover I'm working with:

I'm not quite sure why the cover is coming up so bright on this, it's actually a lot darker than this, but it's a start that much is for sure.

Okay I didn't realise until I posted this, that it is actually coming up the correct colour. For some reason it's just coming up incredibly bright when I added it to the post.

That's a bit strange.

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