Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Story Alert


Yes, you heard it here first. I have finally added a new story to my Wattpad account which I shall be linking at the end of this post along with my facebook page where I shall be my best to update all covers and other news about my stories that I have.

Basically it'll be like this blog but it'll be on facebook. Simple

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Anyway, lets get on with this lovely news, I have finally updated my Wattpad account with this lovely story you see to the left. It's called International Love as you can see, and it happens to be one of my favourites probably because of the storyline I have planned out for it.

Here is the prologue, let me know if it catches your attention:

Glaring out of the window of the plane I could feel chills running down my spine, the thrill of this lifestyle was always refreshing. You can’t help but help love every second with Devon beside me; you would have thought we were the most important people on the planet.
“Just think Claire, this is only the beginning.” I smiled at Devon; my face showing my true excitement, as he smiled back the air hostess brought us our £2000 champagne.
Limitless, that’s how I felt right now. There was nothing we couldn’t do; we proved that with our private jet and our stupidly expensive clothes.
“Shall we toast to us?” I nodded briskly unable to hold in my slight squeal, as we clinked our glasses together the plane went through a slightly bump of turbulence.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We seem to be having some turbulence problems, they should be over soon.”

That’s what we thought, but they weren’t.

Survival of the fittest is only the beginning.

*    *    *    *

What do we think? Possible potential?
I have no idea, either way I'm doing everything I can to promote this story it seems like the kind of book people would want to pick up and take on holiday with them to read. Maybe.

Now time for links:

Feedback, would be much appreciated.

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