Friday, 24 February 2012

STORY INFO: Captain America


But what do we think about the new chapter? I'm not sure yet, I quite like it. I think it's a good filler and getting ready to open up to the main storyline, I haven't had any feedback off this chapter yet actually I don't really get much feedback off my stories probably because I don't update nearly enough for my fans.. which is annoying because I do try my best but then I have college and also I'm trying to find a job which is almost impossible.. urgh, anyway I'm rambling..

Let's get back to the point, I have finally updated this lovely story and would love to know what you Bloggers think, do you like the story have you been reading the story? If not why, perhaps a bit boring, maybe not your thing?

Either feedback is much appreciated and also would make me smile stupidly, when I used to post on Quizilla all the time I used to get feedback constantly but now that I've moved onto more professional sites I'm not getting anywhere near as much feedback which I can honestly say is disheartening..

I hope some of you find it in your day to help a girl out, after all I can only improve with your help.

That's what I need most right now, the help of my fans and followers. If I have any..

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