Wednesday, 11 January 2012

STORY INFO: Beyblades Bites - Chapter Update

I have updated Beyblades Bites thankfully, I hope you enjoy it. This chapter really is about to open up the whole story and there is going to be so much happening it is unreal. I just know your going to love it! :)

This story is going to be giving the characters a more sexual side, considering I'm making them 18 roughly, they'll be acting their age and lets face it there isn't many 18 year old virgins these days. I really wonder how you're all going to find Kai when he starts bringing out his sexual side and wait until you see what I have planned for Ray. It'll be quite hot I can promise you that.

And to think that there is more! I have a tournament to go and trust me it's going to be difficult to write but I hope I bring the right atmosphere across and then after the tournament there is more! I may have to consider a sequel or just a very long story. What do you all think? Long story or a sequel?

Too many decisions I think, well I have plenty of time to think about them. Plus I always have my readers to help me which I hope they do.

That's all for now, if you want any more information just ask me.

P.s I have actually updated 'Nothing Ever Seems Quite Right' as well but that isn't as important, although there are so many more chapters of that story to come as well which is going to be exciting. Considering what has happened in my life recently I think you'll love it when they're posted!

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