Monday, 27 May 2013

STORY INFO: General Story Update

I've been thinking about all of the other stories I have on my Wattpad account and how I never update any of them, I don't even let people know as to when they'll next be updated, so I thought why not make this blog post to give everyone a nice in-depth look into what's going on with these stories. This way, everything will be more clearer and people won't have to worry so much about updates or if I'll ever be working on them again.


First off, I have Tear Me Piece By Piece this one needs some work, as I've only been able to create a more in-depth prologue and a quick blurb for it, but other than that the story has not been written any further. I am going to be working on this one, but I don't think it'll be a main story, I think I'll be working on when I have far more free time. This one is definitely going to be a slow updater. As it's based on a true story, I have to decide on how much of the truth is going to be part of it, and the rest will have to be altered for dramatic reasons.

I also think with this one I'll begin writing it more privately and once I'm happy with the outcomes, I'll begin looking into updating it online. I haven't had any demand for this story yet, especially as seen as it's just barely begun but I have a funny feeling that this story won't do as well as I hope.


Okay, now time to explain my favourite story at the moment. This one I be updating regularly, I know it's definitely buzzing around in my brain. The storylines are basically writing themselves and the characters are growing on their own which is amazing, I can't even get over how great a couple of the characters are and how they're going to develop further on.

I am trying to update this one as much as possible, preferably once a week if I can, maybe even twice a week if I can. It's definitely going to be difficult as I have a couple college projects which I have to do as well.

Also, with this one I'll be considering making a new cover for it as well.


This one is definitely going to be slow updates, as I somehow have to plan the storyline and develop the characters. This one doesn't write itself as I would have hoped and  I have to plan out every tiny detail before writing it, as I don't quite know what path I want to take with this one.

I can't imagine this one will be finished by the end of the year, perhaps not even next year, it'll be extremely slow updates perhaps, one a couple of months maybe not even that.

Although, the cover will stay the same, which is going to be great!


I've got high hopes for this story but the only downside is that I have to re-write it, it originally was a little bit rubbish and the layout wasn't too great either. Now I am re-writing it in my new style and I'm also altering some characters back stories and their style and personalities, this will help improve the story and give it a little bit more structure.

I can't imagine with this one I'll be updating very regularly as it's going to take a while to re-write it, but I think with a nice long day and a few too many cups of tea I'll be able to get a chapter out a month, it'll definitely be something to aim for.

I can't imagine I'll need any more than that as, it's going to be a slow story but when I do it, I'll try and do as much as I can.

I think for now I'll keep these four up, although I am going to create another post to finish off letting you know about all the stories that is on my Wattpad, but for now you at least know half of that.

I think with a bit of hard work and determination I'll be able to find a good way of writing all of this and planning whilst also keeping up to date with every other story as well, and not getting behind on college work either, as that can be a major pain in my bum.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day and enjoy the post, hopefully there will be another one soon.

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