Saturday, 13 April 2013

New Blog Template

Hey there everyone,

I thought I would post as seen as I haven't in quite some time now, I have been staying clear of this blog for only one reason, and that reason is... I hate the template I have for it.

I am dying to get a new one, a personal one, one I have made myself but there is a huge problem with this. I basically don't know how to create a blogger template, I am trying so hard to check out the websites and youtube videos but nothing is straight forward enough for me to follow.

So, give me some time and give me some patience and then hopefully I'll be able to create a wonderful template for this blog, then I'll be posting like crazy. After all, I have a lot of information to update on you, especially the stories I am writing on Wattpad and then of course you have the stories I'm reading on there as well, I would love to tell you about that.

Especially one of them, it's called A Beautiful Torment and it is actually amazing, there is almost nothing wrong with it. I say almost because there are a couple spelling mistakes, but then again she's only human. Even with the bare minimum of spelling mistakes the story is a best-seller in my eye, I really do hope that AuRevoir Simone does get scouted and I hope one day she can publish her book.

So many people would adore the story line and everything about it, it's just a beautiful book.

But perhaps once it's finished I'll write a book review about it on here. That would be nice wouldn't it, writing book reviews for people on Wattpad on this site. That way I would be promoting their work and also I could gain some followers.

Either way, I'll do my best to keep you updated and I'll speak to you soon.

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