Tuesday, 20 December 2011

STORY INFO: Beyblades Bites

As you can see here I have uploaded a new chapter for this story which mean's that is two chapters down a whole lot more to go. I hope you're enjoying this story so far, I honestly think it's going to get quite good. I perhaps a bit sexy? I'm not sure yet, I still have to work more into the story but with a bit of effort and some planning out it could work to it's best.
This may be one of my favourite stories, perhaps that's because it has something to do with my child hood. It's nice to get my child hood out there and show you the kind of adventures I used to plan out in my sleep. It's nice to know people are still interested in Beyblade.
I'm doing my research on Beyblading again as I don't want to make any mistakes with the fine details.

By the way let me know what you think it's the main reason I write stories I want to make my public happy and I believe I can do that with the right feedback. Don't be afraid to criticize my stories either or how I write. It's this kind of feedback that will help me to become a better writer.

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