Wednesday, 28 December 2011

STORY INFO: Beyblades Bites

This image really couldn't explain a part of my story better, but trust me it wont make sense until later on. You'll love the part where it'll be in though, my character actually looks quite similar to this anime girl you see the left.

Just remember that my character is called Serena Thomson. She's amazing, but misunderstood.

Wow, I haven't actually realised how often people use characters that are misunderstood I wonder what it is about that character trait that makes it so popular? Perhaps, it's the fact that it adds mystery.

Either way, have a look at the image and keep it in mind because it'll be very important later on. Mind you, you may not remember so I'll make sure to let you all know when I go on about it again.
That's just to make it easier for all you readers, perhaps I should create a soundtrack as well.. Hm, I'm thinking way to far into this now. The story isn't even doing that well, which is kind of depressing. Because honestly, I do love this story and I know it's going to do well when people give it a chance. But I honestly don't think people will.

Okay well I'm done rambling on, so I'll leave you all be. Remember you should all give me a message some time, or something similar. Would be nice to talk to the people who reads my stories.

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