Friday, 28 February 2014

STORY INFO: Small Mercies

It's incredibly how one story can stop you dead in your tracks, and I truly believe that is what happened with myself and Small Mercies I could only focus on Dreams Series for a while but then suddenly, everything changed.

Small Mercies has consumed me whole, it's all I can think about. I attempted to work on the next chapter of Dreams and I just couldn't focus, not even slightly. All I can think about is this Paranormal/Horror that I've suddenly begun re-writing. It's an unusual story.

It's the type of story I'd usually write, it's definitely more dark, aggressive and mentally disturbing. But there is a layer of strange that has drawn me in, kept me wondering. I just can't seem to think of a decent enough storyline, which worries me.

I really want this story to be a good one, it's just trying to create one that is in fact good. I have made myself a new cover though, he is all of the covers I've actually had for this story so far. I hope they are improving, you could always leave me a comment if you think I am.

 I've put them all in order of how I've designed them and I actually adore the image I've used for the latest one, it's got such an incredible look to it, it's unbelievably. I must find the photographer and make sure they get full thanks for the incredible image, which fits perfectly with the story.

If you would like to read my favourite story at the moment, I have two chapters up at the moment and am currently working on the next chapter. It's already having a strange turn, but it's definitely going to be interesting.

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