Friday, 12 October 2012

STOR INFO: Resident Evil - Fan Fiction

Yes, that is right. I am writing a Resident Evil fan fiction story.
(Yay! For Resident Evil. Hope you're all playing the new game Resident Evil 6, on XBOX of course)

Well to be honest  you should be happy I'm even writing again, it's been way too long and honestly it's been painful but recently life has been getting back on track and things seem to finally be looking up. Maybe all this hard work is paying off.

Any way I'm going way off track here, back to the point at hand. I am writing a Resident Evil fan fiction which will include a romance between my main character and Chris Redfield and I will also be including some brutal murders and sneaky twists and turns for Leon S Kennedy. As seen as these two are the main characters I thought it would be best to have it loosely based around these two.

It will of course be from my characters point of view and hopefully you'll like it, I'll do my best to let you know when I'm working on a new chapter or I've uploaded a new chapter. (I'll add the link as well, just in case)

So that's everything, and here is my book cover for it, what do we think people is this a yay or nay?!

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